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Ignore Bing at your peril

Most designers and business owners that I know and I know quite a few optimise their sites for Google organic search best they can and if they decide to buy some clicks they use Google Adwords.

Ignoring Bing however may be a mistake! - let me tell you why.

I picked my wife up from work one day last week. On the drive home as she was telling me about her day she states

"I spent half an hour Googling for a customer...actually Binging Not Googling"

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Finnish Early To Get More Done!

It's a bleak looking Tuesday morning here in the North East of England and what's worse it's still August! to compound these woes it was a Bank Holiday yesterday so combined with the "summer" weather motivation levels are probably pretty low for many returning to work today.

Here's an idea to get more done today. Finish early!

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LinkedIN: Why I removed you!

There are a lot of "Social Media" networks vying for the attention of the busy entrepreneur these days.

I stopped using Facebook entirely for a reason that I may explain in another blog post, but I tweet constantly and have started taking a look at LinkedIN again recently.

I have been on LinkedIN for years probably the best part of a decade in fact but I have never really spent a great deal of time using the service. Mainly because I have never really quite understood the best way to use the site and I think for a number of years they haven't really known how to develop it further.

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14 High Profile Joomla Sites

We have been using Joomla to build websites for client's for quite some time now but one objection that we often get when we mention Joomla is isn't that for amateur sites. This couldn't be further from the truth and to proove it here are 14 high profile websites in Joomla.

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How to generate quality links

Anyone who has wondered how you get to the top of Google's search results, or read anything about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) knows that one of the keys to success is to heve other sites link to yours' (backlinks) preferably without you needing to link back to them.

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The Best Search Engine Optimisation Technique

Clients are always asking me questions such as, what position can you guarantee me in Google? or do you have any SEO content for my niche that'll get me straight to the top of Google? Another favourite is what program should I submit to to get to the top of Google's listings?

The Answer

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