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Case Study: Glen Roughead

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In a little change to the usual type of post on this blog I thought that it would be quite interesting to go through a case study. A site rebuild for the North East England's best swing performer Glen Roughead at


Glen is well known local rising star. He knows that in the entertainment industry that it is important to always keep ones image as 'fresh' as possible.

Over the years I have found Glen to be quite a savvy marketer who has a good grasp of how to use social media and perhaps even more how not to use it.

Glen chooses to own his content and so publishes it on his own website. Glen then uses Social Media to get his message out there and interact with his audience.

This is a smart strategy meaning that Glen can build a presence on all social media channels without isolating anyone . This means that if for example his Facebook presence is suffering because of a change in how facebook are doing things he can adapt.

This seems to be the strategy adopted by most serious record labels and recording artists now.

The Requirements

Glen wanted to give his site a fresh clean uncluttered look so that he could showcase his upcoming gigs, and deliver his news.

It was important to give prominence to his recorded music and videos. As those considering buying a ticket for a gig or booking him for an event would want to know how good he sounds.

Glen has never opted for a maintenance contract instead choosing to ask and pay for maintenance only when he needs it. This is a common choice among performing artists. I've always assumed that they don't want regular bills as they have unpredictable cash flow. The reason is unimportant. When a client opts not to put a maintenance contract in place it influences our choices. We do not want to give them a site that will look out of date immediately without constant updating.

The Design

With Glen we looked at lots and lots of sites of current artists to develop a feel for what looks fresh and what is already dated. Glen wanted an uncluttered, structured look particularly on his front page.

Given Glen's strategy of Social media engagement it was important to keep links to social media presence at the top of the page.

We agreed that we would use a banner scroll to convey the most important news for Glen in a dynamic way.

Below the banner we would feed in the 3 latest general news stories that Glen had put out there.


Now this is where we put our noggins in to gear - Glen wants to showcase his music and videos and he is always working on new stuff. It would have been easy for us to put in place native players and send a bill to Glen every time that he needed to add a new track or video.

Instead what we opted to do was build in a soundcloud music player and Youtube video player. As Glen was already hosting much of his content on those services.

By using these services instead of native players Glen is able to update the playlists himself in those services. Changing what website visitors can see or hear without having to incur any costs.


We were also able to set up Glen's scroller so that time sensitive items that he is promoting today will un-publish when the event is over. So that he only needs to call us in when he wants to add new content not remove the old.

I hope that this short walkthrough has helped you see some of the thought that goes into one of our website revamps. We could talk about screen size and mobile optimisation etc. but in today's age I think you should just expect those things as standard.